How Our Pricing System Works

achieve faster results with value pricing

With a virtual CFO, you pay for value, giving you financial control and visibility

You may be used to buying accounting services at a rate per hour, or a fixed fee based on the accountants costs plus a profit margin. We don’t like this model because it takes away our incentive to do things quicker, to produce a better result for you and it puts our profit ahead of your outcomes. It also makes you not want to contact us out of fear of being charged more.

Our attitude is that the more you tell us, the better we can implement substantial change and help you. So you shouldn’t be penalised for getting in touch. This is how we’re different:

You pay for results, not time

Imagine you come home one day to find your roof leaking. You ring 3 contractors, and 2 say it will cost $150 per hour plus materials. The other quotes $1,800 and says the leak will be fixed in 2 days. How do you compare the two?

$150 per hour sounds cheap but how long will it take to be finished and how much will it actually cost me all up? 

The last contractor value priced you. He understood that you had a need and you wanted to know what it would cost and when it would be done.

At Sequel VCFO, we are results-driven and value efficiency. We take pride in optimising your business, so we do not emphasize time billing in our services. Once more, you pay a down payment when we first partner, and only pay the rest when you believe you have received value from your investment in us. We want to do the best job possible and achieve the fastest results for you.

Sequel VCFO gives you a return on investment

Does your bookkeeper drive profit in your business?

With broader skills and training, a Virtual CFO can do exactly this. Return on investment has to be measured by dividing the benefit you receive by the cost you pay. When you add all the other outputs a VCFO offers, as well as the tangible financial improvement we can achieve for you, the ROI soars.

Value Pricing gives you financial control

Often, our Strategic Advice services require you to make strong decisions about the future of your business.

To make sure our service is delivered in the right time frame, you are put in the active management of your business and we regularly seek your input or decision making.

Of course, every engagement is different and this isn’t always required.

Our engagements are successful because of constant communication and constant deliverables of small pieces of work. This means you gain visibility and control, able to see if the work is on track and to your expectation and allows us to accommodate changes.

Flexible Value Pricing means financial visibility

Sometimes we get involved in a business and we see very quickly that a project needs more resources than initially expected, scheduling needs to change, or the project brief becomes something different from our first contact. Sometimes this triggers a difficult conversation with consultants - but not us.

We use a fair use policy, which means we do not lay an unexpected price increase on you.

Because we have instant communication, we will likely both see together that things are changing. This means a commercial conversation about a project can happen before things get complicated. 

This may see a change in our scope to meet the budget or vice versa. Either way, we find what works for the business. 

Would you like to discuss with our Melbourne VCFO team what a custom solution for your business could look like? If so, request a free consultation or free 20-minute health check today. 

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