What Do You Mean by Virtual?

Expert, outsourced financial services for your business.

A Virtual CFO is described as a financial leader for SME’s who provides leadership and oversight of an accounting team to deliver high-quality financial insight that helps business owners make better decisions.

Unlike an internal CFO or Chief Financial Officer who works for one large business, we use the same skill set to work for many, meaning you can access a talent pool previously inaccessible to SMEs. We are an outsourced service, and handle any and all tasks that would have been handled by a CFO or financial team.

We are responsible for your internal accounting functions, providing services such as:

  • Cash flow management
  • Business intelligence
  • Performance management reporting
  • Strategic advice and planning
  • Bookkeeping and accounting

What Does a VCFO Do for Your Business?

As a Melbourne-based VCFO, we offer insights into business operations which allow well‑informed decisions to be made by being responsible you’re your accounting and finance team, with the broader view of your ethical and social responsibilities.

Rather than simply hiring a bookkeeper to complete an out of date position description, we complete a set of tasks that would ordinarily cover a fully stocked finance team including a CFO, a financial controller, and a bookkeeper.

There is a heavy focus on budgeting and forecasting as a VCFO, but we are able to provide a full range of CFO services. We provide performance management, advise on risk management and regularly review data. This detailed analysis via financial reports allows us to accurately interpret your business’ current - and future - status and find areas for improvement.

Why Go Virtual?

There is a big difference between an outsourced VCFO and an internal accounting team. CFOs are internally based, with salaries of hundreds of thousands of dollars and reign over a financial team. Conversely, a Virtual CFO is external to your business, taking on all of your financial functions for a small percentage of the price of an internal CFO. At Sequel VCFO, we are also able to tailor our services to meet your exact needs, so there is minimal wastage.

Virtual, however, does not mean that we are difficult to access. In fact, you’ll find that we are in closer communication with you than an internally-based team!

Our communication structures are also designed for total transparency. We always keep you in the loop, making ourselves available at all times to answer any question you may have.

How Can a VCFO Help Your Business?

It’s our goal to take away the excess stress you feel with your business. Through our customisable service ranges and expert insights into the way your business works, we are able to give you total control and visibility over your finances.

As a VCFO, we have the ability to dive in and improve your business using fresh eyes. We are not clouded by history or “how things have always been”, instead we are completely unbiased. We are able to make the hard choices for you, leaving you free to enjoy your work life to the fullest. Through our expert strategic advice and planning based off of financial facts, not assumptions, we can help your business to reach its full potential.

Teamed with the guidance and experience of a VCFO, the dream you have for your business can be brought into reality.

There are many benefits to utilising a Virtual CFO in your business instead of a CFO, financial team or accountant. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a VCFO, you can do so here.

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