Will I Get to Know My Virtual CFO Team?

Working with the innovators behind your new financial approach

Work closely with a Virtual CFO with open communication using cloud technology

When you engage with us at Sequel VCFO, you get access to a fully loaded accounting and finance team.

We are responsible for the accurate and timely delivery of everything in our engagement letter. But don’t be fooled by the word “virtual” - the service we provide is personable and built on excellent communication.

Get to know your Virtual CFO Team

When you sign up with us, we send you a welcome pack that introduces you to your team. We hand select your team based on the services you have chosen and the agreed price.

Sometimes smaller businesses going through rapid change need more access to our CEO, David Boyar, and less to their bookkeeper. Whereas some large business might prioritise having regular access to their bookkeeper multiple times a day.

The service standard is set by you right from the start, and you will have access to multiple people who you can contact with any queries.

Boost Visibility and Communication With Cloud Accounting

Although we may not be sat with you in your office, our use of cloud technology makes it possible to work alongside each other in close to real-time. By optimising our access to one another, we can work with you closely as projects roll in.

With Sequel VCFO, you will get to know your team well as we collaborate on projects. If you have set a task for us to do, we keep you in the loop so there are no unexpected problems.

Think of us as a partner or an extension of your financial department.

Most engagements are managed by our Customer Relationship Manager and Financial Controller, Megan Velo, with the oversight and management of your CFO. But through skype, email and facebook, the entire team is accessible if you need it.

Remember, with our value pricing method, we don’t charge you more for asking us questions.

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